10 January 2019

10 January 2019

From: Ted Curtis
Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2019 8:22 PM
To: buck shuler; James Taylor; James L. Butterfield; JIM SMITH
Subject: Nelson

Update on Nelson: I thought I might be finished with sworn testimony but not so.

I had been in contact with a member of Nelson’s unit for a year but it was small talk and I thought he was an unimportant player in the action of 5 June. Not so.

This man is a retired Sgt Major (that’s a big deal) who was in the air the day Nelson’s chopper went down but not directly involved as Lt Col Ogrady was.

As an afterthought I wrote him and asked that he write down all he remembered that day telling him nothing else.

He wrote an articulate , methodical testimony and specifically said he was an “eyewitness to some of Nelsons actions” as his chopper sprayed the VC positions with 20mm keeping them away, wrote that he found out several months later that Col Campbell wrote an untruth and that cost Nelson his MOH and that he visited with Chuck Counts—-the soldier Nelson shielded with his body——on several occasions and Counts told him the whole story!

I have asked that he get the first statement notarized and that he write me what Counts told him. This is very important testimony as it hits all the key points and is only the 2nd eyewitness! Once I have sworn testimony I will share it with you all.

We are putting together a good case gents!


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