15 January 2019

15 January 2019

From: Ted Curtis
To: buck shuler, James Taylor ,James L. Butterfield, JIM SMITH, Debbie McKnight, Tripp Nelson, May Jones, George Ogrady, Dick Duerr
Jan 15 at 1:40 PM

While we await the re-opening of the National Archives and the resumption of Dr Arnold’s research work (once again funded by the Class of 1959), I have managed to accumulate more important information and/or leads to be followed up on.

As I relayed earlier, Sgt major Mike Schrumpf has written a recount of his activities that day which contains important corroborating information and states accurately that he, too, was an eyewitness of 5 June. Currently I am waiting for Sgt Shrumpf to write and send me another account——–that of his multip0le conversations with Sp Chuck Counts who was the crewmember Reavis laid on top of that day. Both documents are very important.

I have also sent to LCol Ogrady two documents for him to edit , sign and have his spouse notarize….after we receive Sgt Shrumpf’s final account. After numerous contacts/phone calls with government agencies, I have discovered that Col Ogrady does not have to be present in front of a Notary……….in lieu of his presence, his spouse can attest and sign to the testimony that George transcribes on paper. A little medical difficulty precludes him making a lot of travel for notary. That was an important concession because George can clarify and add information about his interview of the survivors in 1966 and also clarify and add information to his interaction with Col Campbell.

I have also contacted and asked for sworn testimony from Dick Duerr who was ops officer in the 114th. I intend to ask for sworn testimony from Ken Vaughters who piloted another chopper and aided in the rescue.

Lastly, May Jones, my classmate Bailey Jones spouse——–and irreplaceable contributor to this cause———has sent me emails she found of 20 years ago between Bailey Jones and George Ogrady describing the action that day. Bailey was on the ground outside the wreck and wounded and in and out of consciousness. George recounted in detail what he saw and heard and it completely corroborates the narrative he wrote for me 20 years later———total memory! She also sent flight logs of that day that also describes the action Nelson took.

All of this data add’s important corroboration, several new facts and more support for our cause. As I am able to finalize and digest everything and they are all sworn to I will pass the information to you for posting.

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