The purpose of this site is to provide timely and relevant information about the illustrious Class of 1959 and The Citadel.  We would like to limit the web site to news and activities of the Class of 1959 but for exceptional instances, i.e. selection of the new president.  News about anything/everything that’s happening at The Citadel is available at the Campus Newsroom http://www.citadel.edu/root/campus-newsroom

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  1. I recently added the CPT Hugh Reavis Nelson, Jr page dedicated to our friend and classmate(menu bar above). It contains the email letter from Jim Butterfield regarding the effort underway to have Rev’s Distinguished Service Cross upgraded to a MEDAL OF HONOR. Because there is no REPLY button, as mentioned in Jim;s letter, on the web page, please scroll down to the Leave a Reply section below the letter to express your support. Then click the Post Comment button.

  2. From: Jack Kelley
    Date: Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 11:41 AM
    Subject: Fwd: Something you might can use?



    Several months ago, I finished writing a book, and it has been published–Amazon.com…”Bonded in Battle.
    The book covers a battle that takes place on one day- June 29th, 1966.
    There is one parachute Infantry rifle company involved- Co A, 2d Bn, 503rd Abn Inf of the 173rd Abn Inf Bde.
    I’m the Company Commander.

    This might be a book that would be of interest to you as it also tells the story of Sergeant Charles Morris and what he did that day that would have our country to recognize him with the Medal of Honor- it’s an in-depth look at his actions that day.

    The battle was tuff- the company went up against a Vietcong Main Force Battalion which included North Vietnamese regulars and Chinese advisors. The company would take the enemy position, but at a high cost. One out of every three of our guys would either be killed in action or wounded in action.

    It a riveting look at young American soldiers at war-they are our best!

    Don’t forget Veterans Day on November 11th!

    So–maybe an idea of a Christmas present or a book for a Veteran, or you?.

    Questions? Give me a call at 910-978-8777 or “jacktkelley@aol.com”.

    Blessed day,

    jack kelley

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